Freddie's Story

"Never Give Up!"

Over 2,700 people attending the HKU Faculty of Medicine Congregation on 28 November 2013 gave First Class Honours pharmacy graduate Mr. Ng Ting Fat a standing ovation. He passed away several weeks later. The journey of 22-year-old Mr. Ng Ting Fat (Freddie) ended on 19 December 2013. But the story has just begun.

"A brave cancer student who soldiered on and won everyone's heart."
Apple Daily front page, 22 December 2013

Ng Ting Fat Education Foundation


The Education Foundation was established by Freddie's parents and family to commemorate his fighting spirit, his perseverance and love for life. It seeks to perpetuate Freddie's spirit and zeal for life, and encourages and supports the younger generation's pursuit of their dreams and their determination to stand up to challenges. The courage to dream and achieve it is one of the most important core values of Hong Kong. The Foundation hopes to support students in education and other fields who are facing extreme difficulties in life.


The Foundation promotes and encourages learning and education, and will grant scholarships, prizes, grants and loans to students. It will also accept donations and endowments, and support establishments and institutions. The foundation will organize and carry out activities and programmes conducive to promoting its mission.


The Foundation looks to two sources of revenue:
(1) Endowments, which are monies held in perpetuity and donated by the Ng family. As the fund grows, the interest it earns will be a significant source of revenue; and (2) Fundraising, which are monies raised through different events and initiatives that will allow the Foundation to immediately begin its mission. Every dollar donated will be used exclusively for charity purposes. No administrative costs will be deducted.


All proceeds of the "Tribute to Freddie" concerts of May 20 and 21 will go to the following: Department of Pharmacology and Pharmarcy, The University of Hong Kong
La Salle College
Ng Ting Fat Scholarships*

* A Scholarship Scheme for the benefit of students in the HKSAR in the spirit of the Ng Ting Fat Foundation is being established. Application details to be announced later.